Inspiring Engineering - Converting Technology!

Olbrich is your system supplier of intelligent machine and line concepts for the production of web products such as wallpaper, floor coverings, film/foils and technical textiles.

In the course of more than 60 years of experience in completely different fields of application our interdisciplinary team of specialist engineers has developed comprehensive technological expertise. This allows us to individually tailor each line to the specific requirements of your intended application – from the
engineering through the manufacturing process and final commissioning.

Using our own pilot plant we are also in a position to combine established technologies to develop new machine concepts or processes resulting in the development of innovative new products creating a competitive advantage.

Technologies by Olbrich are used in a great variety of industries setting very special requirements each. Apart from the use in these core markets Olbrich's outstanding technologies can be combined again and again in new processes and consequently be used for new products.

  • Wallcoverings    
  • Floorcoverings 
  • Technical Textiles   
  • Adhesive Tapes/Films
  • Decorative Applications        
  • Medical Applications       
  • Special Applications