Ferrostaal LLC as part of Ferrostaal international Group of companies (Germany) has a unique competence and expertise in import deliveries structuring and therefore achieving export finance for your project under optimized terms and conditions and arranging thereof with General Exporter – Facilitator Solution which includes financing as well.

Our General Exporter – Facilitator Solution is developed for investment projects (construction, modernization, production capacity increase, etc.) and targeted to level down the challenges as commonly appear while the project implementation:

  • deliveries are geographically spread and/or there are few manufactures (suppliers) of the equipment per country of origin;
  • multiples of several different imports and manufactures (suppliers) being geographical spread consume additional efforts to arrange and control deliveries, including documentary issues (Letters of Credit) and Customs handling;
  • matrix of terms and conditions for deliveries results into logistics complexity, triggering higher risk of delay and deteriorating the overall project implementation time;
  • multiples of supplies sensibly complicates the project implementation and questions the possibility to arrange financing for the project.

General Exporter – Facilitator Solution mitigates the above challenges and support your Company while implementing the investment project with the following benefits:

  • “Single entry point”
    We make with each of the suppliers (the manufactures) the purchase contracts and thereby we consolidate multiples of import deliveries under the project performing for you in the function of General Exporter – Facilitator.
  • Management and control
    As a result of General Exporter – Facilitator involvement a SINGLE Supply Contract with a SINGLE General Exporter – Facilitator is made with your Company which lets you optimizing efforts for management of and control over the project and the deliveries and allowing to re-arrange the released efforts and time for other projects or to concentrate them for daily business activities.
  • Warranties and Performance Guarantees directly from manufacturer
    General Exporter – Facilitator Solution does not limit your Company expressly or impliedly in negotiations over warranties and performance guarantees with the equipment manufactures directly. You will benefit the direct claim rights toward the equipment manufactures for both warranties and performance guarantees of the manufactures.
  • Technical requirements for the equipment
    General Exporter – Facilitator Solution does not affect expressly or impliedly the negotiations over technical requirements for the equipment between your Company and the manufactures.
  • Competitive pricing for equipment
    By involving General Exporter – Facilitator (German export company of Ferrostaal Group) commercial, country and legal risks for the manufactures are mitigated effectively; thereby the pricing conditions might be re-opened for negotiations and discount. By your request, we as your General Exporter – Facilitator would equip you with extra support in negotiations with manufactures concerning pricing for the equipment.
  • Financial advisor, personal and independent
    As part of General Exporter – Facilitator Solution we assist you with advisory and information support for issues related to the import deliveries structuring, project structuring, instruments of trade finance, logistics, Customs handling, etc.
  • Service “Choice of language”
    Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese – we take care of your project in languages convenient for you.
  • Reduce the Project implementation time and decrease in capital expenditure
    We assist you in finding the best financing structure for the project and therefore we reduce the project implementation time and decrease capital expenditure.
  • Personal service in the “Privileged Customer” manner
    We arrange for you meetings with banks, financing institutions and export credit agencies, we make available our offices for your direct negotiations with the manufactures and other parties, as the case may be.
  • Project Export Finance
    We perform for you as General Exporter – Facilitator, arranging the multiples of several different imports into one eligible for financing contract whereby achieving the possibility of export finance for your project.
    It is General Exporter – Facilitator involvement which makes structuring of long-term export financing achievable, including financing with tied leasing structures.
  • Attractive terms and conditions for financing
    As General Exporter – Facilitator we approach export credit agency for insurance cover issuance which would allow the financing bank(s) to consider the financing at the “domestic” country risk where such export credit agency domiciled. This helps the attractive terms and conditions (tenor, pricing) for the financing.
  • “Open doors” approach
    We are open to consider variable project scales and import deliveries structures.

We are introducer and booster for your investment project, import deliveries arranging and export project finance via our General Exporter – Facilitator Solution.