Piping Supply

We finance and deliver complete pipeline equipment with the essential accessories for the oil and gas industry: pipes, flanges, and valves right down to cleaning and inspection systems. To this end we manage the procurement, storage, delivery logistics.

We serve companies in the petrochemical, oil and gas, energy and shipbuilding industries. Our customers include major oil and gas companies as well as engineering firms and machinery and equipment manufacturers. We supply pipes and pipeline equipment for petrochemical and chemical plants, gas processing plants, pipelines, tank farms, power plants and special tankers. Our portfolio also covers special applications such as pipes for the construction of cranes and oil platforms.

We supply our customers with seamless and welded pipes, pigs and pig stations, fittings, flanges, valves, seals, connections, coatings and corrosion protection materials. Just as in other areas, our added value lies in the fact that we offer package solutions which encompass products from different manufacturers along with a number of associated services. These include financing solutions, technical consulting, transport management and just-in-time delivery. This range is supplemented by process and cost optimisation systems, precise progress monitoring and an efficient quality management system. Through the storage of selected products we provide our customers with flexible access to material. We also deal with some elements of prefabrication as well as material management on site.

Our broad international supplier base allows us to offer our customers the most suitable products for each project. This is particularly important in the area of high-quality products where the quality of the material has to meet specific standards. The products that are used vary widely depending on the temperature, pressure and chemical composition of the liquids and gases being transported. Our efficient quality management system and precise checking and certification of our suppliers enable us to ensure that we supply products of consistently high quality and reliability.

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