Service Department

We offer services in the fields of "Diagnostics and Technical Inspection", "Technical Support and Repair Process" and "Technical Competence"

  • Diagnostics and Technical Inspection

    Every machine or plant equipment subjects to deteriorate and needs regular technical inspection in order to perform troubleshooting.
    Ours specialists will run diagnostics and prepare the technical report, which warrants further spare parts order and repair works as well.

  • Technical Support and Repair Process

    If the client needs support, our highly qualified service engineers are always ready to help.

    First of all the Service Department tries to find the possibility to debug the machine by client’s own forces providing him a technical support by phone. There is also a possibility to test the equipment and solve the problems via remote access, using modem or local area network connection directly to the equipment (by Internet). If the serviceability of the machine can’t be restored, one of our service engineers will be sent to the client and troubleshoot on-site.

    Such a system keeps your money and time.

  • Technical Competence

    Our client can reckon upon our competence in after-sales service as well as in remote technical support.
    LLC “Ferrostal” specialists regularly develop  their knowledge and gain invaluable experience in service works.
    We always keep in contact with technical specialist of the manufacturing plants in order to improve our service.
    Trainings of our specialists at the manufacturing factories help to reach the highest level of service in maintaining and repairing works.